About us

Our team – experts in their field – combine many years of relevant industry experience with specialist skill sets, which they continue to develop through targeted training and education. We cultivate a culture of exchange, both within our team and our wider network. We value partnership, trust and openness – qualities that supported by our small size the setup of our workplace.

Christian Fontanive

Joined in 2012, Managing Director since 2015
Christian has a master’s degree from the University of St. Gallen and has worked at law firms and the courts of Winterthur. He left his job within Tax at KPMG to join his father’s business in 2012.

After Andreas passed away unexpectedly, Christian took over his father’s company. Today, he proudly shares Andreas’ vision, motivation and commitment to quality. 

Hobbies: travel, Ironman triathlon, music and family 


Axel Hessenkamp

Joined in 2000

Axel possesses extensive industry knowledge and is highly experienced in managing large projects. His focus lies in the export industry. Axel is particularly renowned for his organizational skills. 

Hobbies: Family, sport (Unihockey), travel, music 


Fabian Hunziker

Joined in 2008
Fabian completed his apprenticeship at Faxion Nedlloyd in 2000. As chance would have it, Fabian worked together with Axel, who later recommended him for the role at Power Airfreight. Fabian excels through his “get the job done” mindset and his exceptional commitment to client centricity. He is highly experienced in managing import and export projects.

Hobbies: sport and family


Ranit Lucarelli

Joined in 2012
Ranit looks back on an apprenticeship at Telesped and it comes as no surprise that Ranit joined Power Airfreight by recommendation of another Power Airfreight employee (Fabian Hunziker). Ranit convinces with his in-depth knowledge in import and export logistics and his friendly nature. Not only is he proficient in project management but he also keeps calm under pressure.

Hobbies: music, film, comics, sport


Gianni Bär

Joined in 2015
Gianni also has many years of experience in the logistics industry, and it goes without saying that he, too, came to Power Airfreight on the recommendation of Fabian Hunziker (again). Gianni impresses with his practical approach, his keen interest in continuous learning, and his high reliability.

Hobbies: travel and sport (hockey) 


Oliver Humer

Joined in 2022

Oliver Humer joined the Power team in 2022. Having collaborated with Power Airfreight as a partner for many years prior, he was very familiar with the central workflows, processes, and corporate culture upon joining. Oliver is also an expert in his field and always ready to go the extra mile.  

Hobbies: Running, cycling, swimming, and traveling.


Remziye Bitgen

Joined in 2023
Remziye has been with Power Airfreight since 2023, making her the newest team member. She has also known the company and some of its employees for many years. Before joining Power Airfreight, Remziye worked for a long time on the airline side. In addition to her extensive logistics expertise and high level of professionalism, she enriches the team with her friendly and positive attitude.

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, skiing and swimming.